Rx for Handwriting Success


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Rx for Handwriting Success
A Handwriting Seminar for Medical Professionals

The Rx for Handwriting Success seminar is designed for busy professionals to generate immediate improvement. Legible italic handwriting with its easy transition from printing to cursive will be demonstrated in a hands-on seminar including handwriting tips, options, and assessment techniques.

Educational Objectives:

  • Recognize the impact of illegible handwriting on patient treatment, safety, and outcomes.
  • Improve handwriting so that all medical professionals can read all handwritten information.
  • Seminar Objectives:

  • Identify new handwriting techniques to improve legibility and patient safety.
  • Discuss the liability of illegible handwriting which jeopardizes patient safety.
  • Review basic handwriting skills with hands-on practice to achieve legible handwriting using ergonomic writing instrument positions.
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    Since 2000, Barbara and Inga have presented 168 handwriting seminars for medical professionals in 22 states. Presentations have been given at the invitation of Continuing Medical Education, Corporate Compliance, Health Information Management, Leadership and Staff Development, Medical Directors, Medical Records, Medical Staff Services, Organizational Development, Performance Improvement, Quality Improvement, Risk Management, as well as medical insurance companies and physicians' organizations.

    They have also given international presentations in Florence, Italy at the international conference, "Healthcare Systems Ergonomics and Patient Safety" and in Copenhagen, Denmark at the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe Patient Safety Conference.

    "It didn't take very long, probably a few weeks, to get the basics down. Almost immediately, I received a message from an RN at our hospital who mentioned as an addendum that my handwriting was beautiful and legible."
         - Janet M. Madill, M.D.

    "Barbara and Inga are not your Dad's handwriting teacher. They are totally awesome. They are right when they point out that paying attention to the aesthetics of handwriting is elevating (and saves you a ton of time in callbacks)."
         - Charles A. Kessler, M.D.

    "The hospital staff calls it a miracle. I can now communicate my ideas to other physicians. My wife tells me she can read my love letters. All of this accomplished by improving the legibility of my handwriting with the [Getty-Dubay] Handwriting Course."
        - Stephen Caplan, M.D., January, 2003 Golden Pen Award for Most Improved Legibility

    "OK. I admit it - I got Ds in penmanship in school. Inga and Barbara helped me a lot and it was fun. I can read all my own notes now and have a new appreciation for the handwritten word."
         - David Levin, M.D.

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