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Handwriting Success Workshop Videos

Watch the videos of Getty and Dubay, redorded live from a Handwriting Success Workshop, and follow along to improve the ease and legibility of your handwriting!

Basic handwriting tips to start improving your handwriting today:

  • Relax your grip - see grip examples
  • Drop the loops
  • Close the tops of letters and numerals
  • Rx for Handwriting Success
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Advice from the experts.

    Free Downloads:

  • Italic Alphabet
  • Rx for Handwriting Success
  • Italic Font
    Educational Fontware (not affiliated with Getty-Dubay):
    GDI Getty-Dubay Italic fonts in basic, cursive, dashed line, ruled, etc.
    For ordering information call 1-800-806-2155 or www.educationalfontware.com

    Movable Alphabet
    Hello Wood Products (not affiliated with Getty-Dubay):
    Italic moveable alphabets in basic & cursive http://shop.hellowood.com/Medium-Getty-Dubay-Italic_c100.htm
    Italic sandpaper letters http://shop.hellowood.com/Sandpaper-Letters_c94.htm

    Writing Samples:

  • Examples of doctors' handwriting before and after Getty-Dubay Handwriting Success seminar
  • Samples from Portland Public School students
  • Excerpt from letter from Paul Jacobs, M.D.
  • Cursive italic adaptations
  • Comparing cursive italic with looped cursive

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