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Huffington Post, "Does Handwriting Still Matter in a Digital World?" Kitty Burns Florey, September 27, 2013
New Yorker Blog, "When Cursive Cried Wolf," Elissa Lerner, August 31, 2011
The Oregonian Editorials, "Yes, It's Time to Stop One Form of Writing", Getty-Dubay, August 31, 2011
The Wall Street Journal, “How Handwriting Trains the Brain,” Gwendolyn Bounds, October 5, 2010
GQ, “Lost Art; You Never Write,” Mark Healy, December, 2009
Wired.com, “Do Kids Need to Learn Cursive?” Kathy Ceceri, Geek Dad, October 22, 2009
The Sunday Oregonian, “Penmanship appreciation in the ‘Please Print’ age,” September 20, 2009
The New York Times, Op-Ed “The Write Stuff,” September 8, 2009
The Economist, More Intelligent Life (online), “’Script & Scribble’: In Defense of Penmanship,” January 24, 2009
“Script & Scribble: The Rise and Fall of Handwriting,” Kitty Burns Florey, Melville House Publishing, 2009
Playboy, The Playboy Advisor, November 2008
Allure Magazine, “How to improve your writing,” April, 2008
The Daring Book for Girls, Andrea J. Buchanan & Miriam Peskowitz, HarperCollins Publishers, 2007
The Boston Globe, Boston, Massachusetts, “In digital age, more t’s are crossed poorly,” May 6, 2007
Medical Economics, “Could you read that?” April 6, 2007
Portland Tribune, Portland, Oregon, “From laughable to legible,” January 30, 2007
The Oregonian, Portland, Oregon, “These teachers save lives by the power of penmanship,” January 16, 2007
Joint Commission Resources, Joint Commission Perspectives on Patient Safety, Medication Safety, December, 2006
The Oregonian, Portland, Oregon, “Prescriptions in cursive script now passe,” June 22, 2006
The Tribune, San Luis Obispo, California, “More doctors turn to penmanship courses,” April 21, 2006
Intelligencer Journal, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, “Just what the doctor ordered?” April 18, 2006
Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, Indiana, “A sign of things to come: Doctors learn penmanship,” April 17, 2006
Rocky Mountain News, Colorado, “Rewriting handwriting,” March 13, 2006
The Trentonian, Trenton, New Jersey, “MDAdvantage helps doctors navigate the new age of medicine,” November 16, 2005
Des Moines Register, Iowa City, Iowa, “Cursive – Is it becoming a lost art?” November 1, 2005
Trustee Magazine, American Hospital Association, “Death by Handwriting,” October, 2005
HCPro, Briefings on Patient Safety, May 2005
Statesman Journal, Salem, Oregon, ”Physicians get help with poor pen skills,” March 16, 2005
Tribune-Review, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, “Kids learn the write moves,” March 6, 2005
Hartford Courant, Connecticut, “Penmanship isn’t being written off – even in computer age,” July 13, 2004
St. Petersburg Times, Tampa Bay, Florida, “Clearly curing the confusion,” August 2, 2003
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The Physician Executive, “Charting a Course Toward Legible Medical Records,” January-February, 2002
Corpus Christi Caller-Times, Texas, “Poor penmanship is mighty costly,” December 9, 2001
Charleston Daily Mail, West Virginia, “Trainers help docs get it write,” October 23, 2001
Medical Staff Leader Connection, Hugh Greeley, “Improve physicians’ handwriting,” October 11, 2001
Houston Chronicle, “Doctors are finally learning to write,” April 6, 2001
Men’s Health, “Make the Write Moves,” April, 2001
Dallas Medical Journal, Texas, “Bad handwriting is no laughing matter,” December 2000
The News-Press, Lee County, Florida, “Doctors learning right way to write prescriptions,” October 16, 2000
The San Francisco Chronicle, “The Write Medicine,” October 5, 2000
The Times Herald-Record, “Doctors in N.J. take handwriting class as Rx for illegible and dangerous orders,” October 5, 2000
The Press of Atlantic City, New Jersey, “Prescription for better handwriting,” October 3, 2000
Los Angeles Times, “The Write Stuff,” June 5, 2000
The Oregonian, “Portlanders give L.A. doctors prescription for better handwriting,” May 30, 2000
The Wall Street Journal, “Italic-Writing Missionaries Make a Convert,” February 10, 2000
American Hospital News, “Prescriptions for Safety,” May 22, 2000
The Washington Post, “For Doctors’ Scrawl, Handwriting’s on the Wall,” (front page) May 16, 2000
The Boston Globe, “The Write Stuff,” July, 26, 1999
Martha Stewart Living, December 1988
The Honolulu Advertiser, “Doing the Write Thing,” November 12, 1998
The Oregonian, “AMA raps doctors’ bad handwriting,” June 14, 1994
US News & World Report, June 27, 1994
LACMA Physician, “Legible Writing is Crucial for All Physicians,” February 3, 1992
The Arizona Republic, “Medical Notebook,” June 6, 1991
MD, “Writing Right,” April 1991
Los Angeles Times, “Rx for Physicians’ Unhealthy Handwriting,” January 21, 1991
International Herald Tribune, January 1991
American Medical News, “Grace Under Pressure,” February 23, 1990
Time, “Reforming with Zigs and Zags,” March 21, 1983

Television & Radio

KATU News, "Typing Takes its Toll on Cursive Handwriting," Kerry Tomlinson, February 26, 2014
WNPR, "The Colin McEnroe Show," Hartford, Connecticut, September 3, 2009
Oxygen, “I’ve Got A Secret,” October 11, 2001 (in syndication)
NBC News, January 5, 2001
“CBS Nightly News,” October 30, 2000
NBC “Today,” October 5, 2000
PBS “Marketplace,” September 24, 2000
American Urban Radio Network (150 stations), “Beverley Smith Show,” May 2000
PBS “Wall Street Week with Louis Rekeyser,” May 19, 2000
CNN, “The World Today,” May 18, 2000
Australian Broadcasting Corporation, May 18, 2000
BBC, May 17, 2000
ABC, “Good Morning America,” May 16, 2000

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